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Do you know which finned tube radiator has irreplaceable advantages?

Finned tube radiator is an indispensable heat transfer equipment in people's production and life. Do you know which finned tube radiator has irreplaceable advantages? Now let's introduce Hefei Kuan Xin Xiaobian to you.

You know that finned-tube radiators are made of steel-aluminium composite tubes with irreplaceable cost-effective advantages of other types of finned-tube radiators.
Recovery of waste heat from flue gas

Finned tube radiator manufacturer Hefei Kuanxin produces finned tube radiator which is generally used for heating or cooling air. It has the characteristics of compact structure and large heat exchange area per unit. It can be widely used in textile, printing and dyeing, petroleum, chemical industry, drying, electric power and other fields. They all play an important role in heat dissipation and heat transfer.

Finned tube radiator

Now let's talk about the irreplaceable high cost performance advantages of the steel-aluminum composite finned tube radiator.

The finned tube radiator manufactured by Wise Credit is the most widely used heat exchanger in gas and liquid heat exchangers. It can enhance heat transfer by adding fins to ordinary tubes. The base pipe can be made of steel pipe, stainless steel pipe, copper pipe, etc. Fins can also be made of steel strips, stainless steel strips, copper strips, aluminum strips, etc.

Recovery of waste heat from flue gas

Finned heat exchangers are installed on heat exchanger tubes to increase heat dissipation area, which can be summarized as "finned tube radiators".

Finned tube radiators have irreplaceable advantages:

Generally, finned tube radiators are divided into winding type, tandem type, welding type and rolling type according to the structure of fins. Commonly used materials are steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc.

At present, finned radiator is widely used in steel-aluminium finned tube (winding steel-aluminium composite finned tube, rolling steel-aluminium composite finned tube). It takes advantage of the pressure resistance of steel tube and the high thermal conductivity of aluminium, and is compounded on a special machine tool. The contact thermal resistance is almost zero at 210 C.

Above is a brief method to test the finned tube in finned tube radiator, which is arranged by Wide Credit.

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