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Steel Finned Radiator, Return You to a Normal Temperature World

The steel fin radiator is composed of steel frame and radiation exhaust pipe (steel radiation pipe). The radiation exhaust pipe is supported by porous plate, which can eliminate the stress caused by thermal expansion and other reasons. It has high temperature resistance, good corrosion resistance and durability. It is widely used in air heating of drying, heating and ventilation system, or cooling air conditioning system.

We can know that steel fin radiator works by cooling air with refrigerant, heating air with heating medium, or recovering waste heat from air with cold water. Then enter high temperature water, heat air through steam or high temperature heat conducting oil, then enter brine or cold water to cool air, so that the operating system can maintain normal temperature and ensure normal operation.

It consists of heat pipe, inlet and outlet pipe and frame. Thereinto, the radiator pipe is composed of several heat pipes. The quality of heat pipe determines the effect of heat transfer. The air resistance and installation temperature of heat pipe determine its bearing capacity.

Fixers and brackets are commonly used for installation. Frames are generally fixed, heat pipes are directly welded to the frame box, the structure is relatively simple, generally 180 C of hot or cold medium; frame type, frame tube is welded through porous plates, connecting pipes (or bending), generally used for heat medium above 180 C.

It is similar to the heating device installed at home. It is small in size, so it occupies a small area and does not occupy too much space, which hinders the activity of the host. Usually using white shape, can be integrated with the home decoration style, quite human.

From the above picture, we can see that steel fin radiators are generally divided into red and white colors. The structure is very simple. Steel is the main material, because the heat dissipation and heat transfer properties of steel are better than other materials. In the middle, four or more steel pipes are generally used as intermediate brackets, and the steel pipes are fixed in the middle by screw.

Heating medium (steam or hot water) is heat transfer to the room through a heat dissipation machine, mainly in the form of convective heat transfer (convective heat transfer is greater than radiative heat transfer). This is called cooling equipment through convective radiators. Steel finned tubes produced by convective radiator steel finned tube radiator. Therefore, this relatively advanced radiator will be more in line with the basic needs of production and life, the choice of convective radiator can ensure normal heat dissipation.

If you want a tool that can work properly to ensure that it can work at normal temperature, then the steel fin radiator is absolutely worth your possession.

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