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The Difference between High Frequency Fin Tube and Fin Tube
At present, there are many kinds of finned tubes in China, mainly high-frequency welded finned tubes. Although it is more advanced in product quality and production automation compared with mosaic and brazing methods, there are still many shortcomings in heat transfer efficiency and ash deposit convenience of high-frequency welded finned tubes due to the difficulty in penetrating the root and folding at the root.

Finned tube is a kind of heat exchange element. In order to improve the efficiency of heat transfer, fins are usually added on the surface of heat exchanger tubes to increase the outer surface area (or inner surface area) of heat exchanger tubes, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the efficiency of heat transfer.

Finned tube, as a heat exchange element, works in high temperature flue gas for a long time. For example, finned tube used in boiler heat exchanger is in a bad environment, high temperature and pressure, and in a corrosive atmosphere, which requires finned tube to have a high performance index.

1) Anti-corrosion

2) Anti-wear

3) Low contact resistance

4) High Stability

5) Anti-ash Capability

The advantages of laser welding spiral fins of stainless steel are as follows:

1. By using pulse laser welding technology, the welding of the winding is completed synchronously, and the welding rate of the segment reaches 100%.

2. Laser welding is metallurgical bonding, and the strength of segment welding can reach more than 600 MPa.

3. Laser welding machine adopts servo drive system, and the transmission accuracy can reach hourmeter level.

4. Laser welded fin-tube spacing can be less than 2.5 mm, heat dissipation area is increased by nearly 50% compared with high frequency welded tube (fin spacing is more than 4.5 mm), less material is consumed per unit area, which can greatly reduce the volume of heat exchanger.

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